Fries on wheels

18th of september, 9:00 AM, waking up... Here it is! The so much expected D-day! Maybe you wonder how we feel or what we think? Anxiety? Excitment? Sadness? Nothing about that... It might sound unbelievable, but it is true : we don't realize that we are leaving for so many months.


On Flagey square, down 'our' street, we wait for our friends who will ride with us today. Camille, Céline, Vinciane, Virginia, Alexis, Pierre, Jeremy will be the members of our cycling gang today.

Last minute goodbyes, last glances at this square that we crossed so many times, last check on the bikes, and off we go! We start going uphill with all the heavy gear, and YES! We did it!


Getting out of the city, we start riding along the channel that we will follow for a few hours, with great pleasure, and a few flats! (2 for Vinciane and 7 for Pierre!!!)


But things are going well anyway, and we get to Thuin after 80 km. Claire and Bernard welcome with special beer, that we drink as quickly as water.

Tonight we will have a nice time with friends and fries, before going to bed, happy.


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