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The MicroNomad's project

We're leaving Brussels on our bicycles, for a not so clear duration, with unknown itinerary... that should take us to India!


We read a bunch of travel blogs and books, we met some 'cyclo-travellers', we imagined all kinds of itineraries, we found good gear, trained a little bit, looked for some information, and got vaccined A LOT!


In the end we are not so well organized and our heads are still full of questions, but it's even more thrilling not to know how tomorrow will be... We will let chance build our trip!


With our camera and our music recorder, we want to catch images (everyday life, scenery, architecture, portraits, ...) and sounds (ambiances, nature noises, music, ...)

Why the hell by bike?

We are everyday cyclists in Brussels and we find almost only good things about bicycles.


Travelling on a bicycle...


It means travelling on a RYTHM that suits us, and that suits our 'philosophy' of travelling : not too slow but not to fast either, perfect for going forward and enjoy the scenery at the same time, allows to avoid crowded roads. We can stop (almost) wherever we want : FREEDOM!


It is also a way to keep all our senses active : our eyes, ears, nostrils... get filled with nature without being inside a car or a bus. We take everything right in our face and we like it!


It means using an ECO FRIENDLY and ECONOMICAL transportation : during the journey the bicycles don't more except some repairs from time to time...


We feel that travelling on a bike makes meeting people easier : the 'cyclo-traveller' is a wonder for many people, who greet us with smiles, handshakes, or even food or a bed!


We also like to switch from one country to another as gently as possible, and enjoy the evolution of languages, cultures, food, customs, ...


And pedalling is good for health!!!


So... Are you convinced now?